Saturday, September 06, 2008

Women takes revenge from taki driver?

A young woman and Mandy, her 6-year-old daughter, were in New York City trying to hail a cab when the little girl noticed several women who were obviously prostitutes dressed outrageously and loitering seductively on a nearby street corner.

A taxi pulled over and Mandy and her mother climbed in. As Mandy's mother was about to tell the driver their destination, Mandy asked what the ladies on the corner were waiting for.

Thinking quickly, her mother replied "They're waiting for a bus, Dear."

The cabbie looked at her in his rearview mirror and said "Cut the bullshit, lady. Tell the little girl the truth. Them broads is whores."

Mother was about to scream at the driver when Mandy asked "Mummie, do the whores have any children?"

"Of course, Amanda", mother replied. "That's where taxi drivers come from."

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Blind man and his mouth

A blind man walked into a diner and made a strange request to his waiter. He asked if he could have the unwashed fork of the last customer the waiter waited on. The perplexed waiter agreed and handed the blind man the unwashed fork. The blind man proceeded to put it in his mouth and said, "Hmmm, the meatloaf and mashed potatoes are good here. I'll have that."

The next day, the blind man returned to the diner and did the same thing. Now, on the third day, the waiter saw the blind man coming into the diner. He still didn't believe what the blind man was capable of, and he wanted to trick him. So he quickly grabbed a fork and asked his waitress wife, Jane, to pull down her panties and rub it between her legs.

When the blind man asked for the fork, the waiter gave him the fork with a big smile on his face.

The blind man put it in his mouth, and said, "Hmmm, I didn't know Jane worked here."

Monday, September 01, 2008


(o)(o) perfect breasts
( + )( + ) fake silicone breasts
(*)(*) high nipple breasts
(@)(@) big nipple breasts
oo A cups
{ O }{ O } D cups
()() cold breasts
(o)(O) lopsided breasts
(Q)(O) pierced breasts
(p)(p) hanging tassels breasts
(:o)(o) bitten by a vampire breasts
\o/\o/ Grandma's breasts
( - )( - ) flat against the shower door breasts
<><> electric shock breasts
|o||o| android breasts
(/)(o) scratched breasts (ouch)
(%)(o) extra nipple breasts (like Chandler)
($)($) Jenny McCarthy's breasts
(^o)(o) zit on your breast
( o Y o ) poses for SCORE magazine breasts